Aboriginal Business Resilience Program

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

NTIBN is working in partnership with NT Government and PwC Indigenous Consulting (PIC) to deliver an Aboriginal Business Resilience Program. Referrals to this program will commence from Monday 18 May.

The program is open to all Aboriginal businesses in the NT, it is not limited NTIBN members.

Anyone interested in the program should contact the Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) and asked to be referred to the Aboriginal Business Resilience Program.

Business Enterprise Centre t: 08 8923 6133

This is an intensive program offering 15hrs of support to established businesses to undertake a business impact analysis and provide recommendations. Businesses must be able to commit to completing the program within 1 week from commencement. As the program is only available for up to 30 businesses, and businesses must meet the following criteria to participate:

Criteria (must meet three of four):

  1. Businesses must be established two plus years (Mandatory)

  2. Business will declare they are 51% Aboriginal Owned (Mandatory), NTIBN to validate

If you require support at this time and your business meets the above criteria, I encourage you to contact the BEC for a referral.

Please feel free to forward onto other Aboriginal businesses that may be interested in this program.

Stephen Cardona


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